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  • ISPM 15 Compliant EXPORT READY
  • Strong for multiple stacking
  • Light weight reduces injuries reduces TARE weights per load
  • 100% Recyclable to address ISO 14001 and promote ECO focus initiatives
  • Footprint of a corrugated pallet is extremely flexible meaning your product can have that custom packaging look
  • Easy transitioning
  • Ease of movement in tight areas and assembly lines
  • Available with moisture resistant properties
  • Reduces the impact on landfills where upwards of 3% of that space is dedicated to wood pallets

Corrugated Pallets

Global Alternative

Welcome to Corrugated Pallets US, where our objective is to help you reduce your packaging costs, meet eco friendly initiatives through recycling, offering both you and your customers a viable alternative to new heat treated wood pallets. This concept allows for an ergonomically acceptable pallet unit that prevents and or eliminates injuries typically associated with a wood pallet. 

Only those clients who are willing to be bold enough to embrace new concepts are usually the leaders and risk takers in their respective industries for that exact reason. Whether supply chain, procurement, sales, marketing, logistics, warehousing, sustainability managers all can play a vital part in initiating a change that can impact how you do business that will create loyalty and customer good will. This could be one of those times. 

Some companies rate their suppliers on their ability to reduce their environmental impact.  Are you one of them?  Do not wait until the customer comes to you?  Show them you are proactive and not complacent with action. This could be that game changer that will set you apart from your competitors right now. 

New to corrugated pallets?  How about a little background and further insight?

Please call 337-849-9377 to discuss your needs to get the right corrugated pallets for your application. 



that all add up to saving

Corrugated Pallets US  "Your Go To

Source"  handles and promotes pallets that are only manufactured in the U.S. using 100% recyclable materials and components. A corrugated pallet when designed properly can handle extreme load weights that rival wood pallet capabilities. 

Let us discuss the flow of your product, taking into consideration handling, racking, and storage environments. With an open dialog and communication we can get through the process with ease and come up with a design that will stream line the whole process and be more user-friendly for everyone that touches the corrugated pallet.

Chances are you already have semi-controlled practices in place to protect your product as related to the elements. Corrugated pallets could be that finishing touch to round out the total package. All the standard pallet sizes can be had, which includes the Euro designs.  Special designs that are unique to your product can usually be constructed without an upcharge or figuring in re-tooling costs.


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