Corrugated Pallets Benefits / Advantages

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Applications and Benefits


We are careful in getting all the related information that is pertinent to your situation to make sure that corrugated pallets are a good fit. They can handle a wide variety of packaging in regards to shipping or distribution, from FIBC's, to small sacks, and manufactured products with a focus on exports but also have their place domestically.  We have placed them in diverse industries such as chemical plants, food and pharmaceutical applications, HVAC, car parts manufacturers, as well as appliance and electronics manufacturers, grocery trade, in addition to print and paper products.  Ideally anywhere things are semi controlled as related to the environment or exports are the focus.  Especially where new heat treated wood pallets are being used, there is typically an application that corrugated pallets can address.  Due to their light weight they are great for air freighting, overseas containers, exports, and LTL, shipments which are increasing dramatically.  


Standard or customized to exact product dimensions made- to-measure, from light weight to several tons. Corrugated pallets will be designed with safety of both personnel and the product in mind being much more user friendly especially in confined or restricted places as related to maneuvering.  So regardless of the mode of transportation give corrugated pallets some consideration.


Founded on the premise that American made products are still the best option to consider first.  So please patronize your State side manufacturers as your initial choice. 

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Corrugated Pallets are Heavy Duty yet Lightweight Cardboard Pallets 


Corrugated Pallets US has the ability to bring to you and your customers a proven design.  Let's keep things simple by using either the block style or stringer/runner pallet designs as our base to start.  These units will be built in accordance to certain criteria we are able to gather from you regarding the application so as not to over or under build.  We want to help educate everyone about the possibilities and share our past experiences.  There is typically a direct cost savings to new heat treated wood pallets, especially when related to exporting. Combined with the other savings from transportation, eco friendly recycling, fuel costs and efficiency, the pricing can be very attractive when weighing all the benefits.

Versus New Heat Treated Wood Pallets