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Corrugated pallets can be a better bargain and more cost affective than new Heat Treated wood pallets in the proper environment and applications.  With a little research and background into your situation it can be determined based on a few parameters if they will be a good fit.  After all, they are not suited for every situation but for those who have taken the proactive approach have reaped considerable benefits.  Price along with service and response time should be considered when selecting a supplier.

To get to the weight requirements of the load a few factors will need to be considered in making sure the design is specific to your product.  Please take the time to fill out the contact form. As additional details of your situation emerges, minor adjustments might be necessary to add / omit to prove out in sampling or testing so as not to over or under build the unit and create consistency from order to order at a great pricing point.  That is now your standard stock corrugated pallet and will be recorded as such, we can hold stock with an open PO, create a JIT regular shipment to arrive on the day(s) requested. The footprint can be customized even more for an exact fit to whatever you are shipping usually at a savings eliminating the dead space that can be common with standard size wood pallets, so more flexibility.

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Of course there are several designs that can be had but the most prevalent are the block style or those with stringers / runners.  The example above is a block style no bottom pad.  Product load may warrant a bottom pad which can be added with holes to allow free movement of the pallet jack rollers.  Order 2 or 4 way fork entry.

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Corrugated pallets are not a new concept to the packaging industry but one that has been around for several years and is gathering momentum for shipping Exports.  The process involves manufacturing corrugated pallets by using cardboard sheets combined with fluted stock, layered, cut, folded, crisscrossing the fluting in varying degrees of thicknesses, adhered together with FDA approved adhesives, constructed in such a manner that the resulting platform looks and acts like a wood pallet but made of 100% recyclable cardboard.  The stacking strength comes from the corrugated medium sandwiched between the linerboards.  In this configuration it is now strong enough to meet various weights in a dynamic load situation (load in motion) or multiple stacked, referred to as static load (stationary) to utilize space when staged for shipping or warehousing. Do not be fooled by excessive claims of weight capabilities, it is what is right for your situation in actual testing.