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Lighter weight as much as 70%
  1. If tracking employee injuries corrugated pallets will virtually eliminate lifting, related splinters and nails
  2. Freight savings as related to all modes of transportation, LTL, Air Freight, containers
  3. Ability to increase weight of product per load maximizing Export loads for air and sea shipments
  4. Weight of a typical corrugated pallet is 10 lbs. versus wood that can be 50 lbs. + per unit for same footprint, so TARE weight greatly reduced per load 
  5. Ability to only purchase as much pallet that is necessary to address your product
100% Recyclable
  1. Compact with regular cardboard for recycling, no more build up of used pallets
  2. Eco friendly to promote with customers in meeting their GREEN initiatives
  3. Eliminate related landfill fees as well as reduce amount of waste going in
  4. Promote with clients as part of ISO 140001 practices

Protects Product
  1. Less damage to product due to shock absorbing characteristics inherent with cardboard
  2. No nails or splinters penetrating the product packaging
  3. No open slats on top pad so product packaging does not get punctured by fork lift tines
  4. Eliminates the need for slip sheets
Customized Options 
  1. Get specific to your product, cutting out wasted or dead space during shipping
  2. Ability to add additional units to typical loads by utilizing the dead space captured
  3. Pallet Jacks or other means of moving units around, no problem
  4. 2 way or 4 way, EURO sizing available
  5. American made
  6. Available with moisture resistant properties

ISPM 15 Compliant
  1. Meets requirements for shipping Globally
  2. No heat treating necessary or chemical infusion to address pest infestation
  3. Reduce related paper work when preparing shipping documents
  4. EXPORT ready

Corrugated Pallets Best Alternative to a New Heat Treated  Wood Pallet for Exports / ISPM 15 Compliant and Assists in Meeting ISO 14001 Green Initiatives.